Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter and the stomach bug

Well Easter was eventful for our family! Zach found his first Easter egg, sat down, opened it up, and puked all over the place! He then continued on his egg hunt and at the end of it, he puked all over his grandma Curly! At this point, we realized he was sick with a stomach bug. The puking continued all day. We were at the lake, an hour and a half from home. We waited as long as we could, then buckled him in his carseat and covered him with beach towels. I had a ziploc in my hand, ready to catch any more puke. As we pulled onto the highway, he started to puke again. I caught it in the bag! Proud moment for me :)!! I'm awesome. Anyway, by Tuesday, I had to go to work so I left Zach with Curly. David called and said he thought he might be getting sick. By 5, David was puking. By 8:30, I was puking. We took turns using the bathroom all night long. Zach woke up and we were both too sick to see what time it was. David got Zach out of bed and I took Zach downstairs - only to realize it was 4:20am! Dang. By 4:54, I texted my mom for backup. She picked Zach up at 6:45 that morning and kept him for about 30 hours.

All of those hours were miserable. Somehow, David went to work and stood in surgery both days he was sick. Incredible! No way I could have done that. We basically watched movies in our pajamas all week long.

And secretly, I really loved how snuggly Zach was when he was sick.

Once Zach felt better and I could actually walk again, we both got colds. Sheesh! We are now finally getting better... And eating again!

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