Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas time

Almost every day, Zach asks if it's Christmas time.

He will look at the presents under the tree and say, "is it Christmas time?" He also eats at least one candy cane a day (cherry flavored).

He decorates and redecorates the tree and my favorite thing is seeing all the ornaments clumped together in one spot right at his eye level.

He still wants nothing to do with Santa but definately wants to talk about him and wants him to bring presents. He sings along with me to Rudolph and if the song comes on in the car and I forget to sing, he will say, "sing mommy!" It makes my day every time. This year has been the most fun yet and Christmas isn't even here yet.

He has a soft nativity stable with the people inside and he tells me who Mary is and baby Jesus. I love when he says Jesus - usually referring to baby Jesus or his Jesus book.

He made his first gingerbread thing - a train. Mostly, he ate handfuls of candy while I tried to get him to decorate it. He got to do this with Michael Finn, who is 4 now and completely into decorating it. It's funny to see the difference of 21 months!

Zach keeps asking for a dog with a leash (??), swords, and the potato head that talks and breaks (meaning if you yell at this potato head, all his pieces pop off). He also has been telling me, "I'm excited!" 2.5 is such a fun age!


  1. Zach is so funny!! I love being around him and hearing all the funny things he says at this age.

  2. The dog with the leash is probably one of those play dogs they have at like Target and it walks and has a leash. We got Andrew's niece one last year.


  3. Oh, how cute! This was my little girl's first christmas and it was great but I can't wait until next year when she is actually old enough to grasp the whole season! I wanted to stop by and say thank you for entering my giveaway over at Bridget's blog! Hope you're the big winner :) Happy new year!