Friday, September 7, 2012

a true friend

Today Mark had to get all of his pre op blood work, x rays, exams, etc done.

This was exhausting last time and we were at the hospital for 7 hours or so. So, I was really dreading today...especially because David wasn't going to be able to be there with me.

Pushing a stroller and opening doors or going to the bathroom can be pretty tough. Add a potentially fussy baby and a whole lot of stress in the mix and it's exhausting.

I sent out a text to the people I give updates on Mark to this morning. Then, I sent Adrian another text that casually said "if you want to go with me today you can. David can't make it". She quickly responded "ok". What?! Really? "Yes", she said, "What time?"

And that was that. She left her 2 babies with a sitter and was at the hospital with Mark and I all day. I have never felt more loved by a friend. Ever.

Today couldn't have gone better. We laughed all day long. During a time when it's easy to be sad and depressed, I was laughing.

I have felt very isolated lately. It's hard to keep up relationships with friends when I can't take Mark anywhere. And the past few days have felt very lonely. But after today, I feel so much better.

Adrian and I have known each other since we were toddlers! That's a long history. And today she did a whole lot more for me than she will ever know.


  1. What a blessing Liz. God's love blessed you with a wonderful surprise and what a wonderful friend you have! Love ya, Annette

  2. Liz, Mark is SOOOO adorable!! Love his sweet smile! I am glad the surgery is over and you have all of that behind you. Hang in there!!