Wednesday, September 19, 2012

this week

Zach is happy to be home and have his brother back!

He is also catching up on some sleep. I took this picture after trying to wake him up from his nap. He wasn't having it. So sweet.

Mark has started sucking his thumb a lot more. In the hospital, he had an IV in this hand and a splint taped around it, which he seemed to really like, and his thumb was still accessible. I'm pretty sure he started with the thumb because he could be sure no medicine would come out. He hates his meds and it's still a bit of a struggle to get them down. He will pretend to swallow and then 5 minutes later when I'm not looking, he will spit it out! Smart kid.

He's been having a lot of anxiety about the surgery and hospital stay. He seems scared to go to sleep or be alone. He wants a lot of interaction and to be held a lot. This is a big change from before the surgery. He doesn't sleep at all during the day and at night he does ok on pain meds.

We sure are glad to have him home!

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