Monday, April 22, 2013

happy 1st birthday Mark!

I can't believe it's been a full year since Mark joined our family! It's been a huge year for us all.

On Mark's birthday, we woke up at Curly and Andydaddy's house (since Bailee got sick and destroyed our house). When Zach woke up, he gave Mark a hug and said, "Happy birthday Marky! Wow, you got more hair!" So sweet.

We went to the park and Mark climbed all the way up to the slide a couple times.

We went to Walmart and got a
few birthday supplies. Dora party hats were a must. Mark loves Dora! It's hilarious. Out of all the shows, he is just obsessed with Dora. When he sees her picture he smiles and makes happy noises.

Then, we went to Chelsea's house to spend the day while ours was being sanitized. We had the best time playing with her and Logan! We played outside in the sandbox and Mark managed to stay awake until 11!

I put him in Logan's pack n play and be went right to sleep. He slept for 3 hours!! Craziness!
When he woke up, we made strawberry shortcakes and sang happy birthday.

It was such a fun day and it was really sweet to see Zach be so into celebrating Mark.

The next day, Zach and I made a birthday cake for Mark and we think he really liked it!

Zach decorated a little cake and I was so impressed at his skills!

A few days later, Nana came in town and we had a party for Mark at Caruth Park. It was a great time!

Happy birthday Markyman! We love you so much!!! You have been the perfect addition to our family!


  1. It was quite a celebration and a wonderful time. Our family is truly blessed!