Thursday, November 18, 2010

Night 1

Yesterday, I talked with my friend, Casey, who moved her son to a toddler bed when he was Zach's age and did the cry-it-out method the same night. It worked like a charm! The first night he cried as expected and slept on the floor. The second night he actually slept in his bed and cried way less and the third night was even better. Ever since that, he's been sleeping all night! So I started thinking - maybe if I make Zach's crib into a toddler bed and rearrange his room, his brain will be tricked into a different mindset. I felt better about this at least. So I did just that and he took a good long nap in his new toddler bed. However, when he woke up, he climbed over the rail and hit his head and got a bump on it - oops! But David and I still thought it was worth a shot and just stacked up even more pillows on the ground and showed him how to crawl in and out the right way. He ate a very good dinner, drank some milk, had a bath, read stories, and went to sleep. I walked downstairs after I put him to bed and David told me that he just didn't think it was safe for Zach to be in a toddler bed this young - especially since he already got a bump on his head. (Casey's son was used to a bed though so it wasn't an issue for them). So, to make David rest easy, I decided I would reassemble the crib! I was not happy about this! David got him out of bed and took him in another room and I went in there and put the crib back together. Then, David put Zach back in his bed and everyone was happy (I guess). This was all around 8:00. At 10:00, Zach stood up crying and we watched him on the monitor. He threw up a little bit once (on purpose) and gagged himself a few more times. This is his trick to get us both running in there but we weren't going to fall for it this time (at least not for 30 minutes). After 22 minutes of screaming and gagging himself, he sat down and was completely quiet. Then a few minutes later he laid down and went to sleep! We couldn't believe it!!! He ended up sleeping all night until about 6:30 this morning. I'm not sure if we just got lucky or if all he needed was 22 minutes of crying. We will see how tonight goes! We are very proud of him for last night!

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  1. I hate the thought of him gagging himself to the point of throwing up but hey, maybe if he doesnt get the attention from it like usual, he will stop doing it. Maybe? It's a thought. haha... I'm not sure which side to take on the toddler bed situation... I agree with you Liz on part of it, but I agree with David too... if he had been used to sleeping in a regular bed (like yours) then it wouldnt be so bad but since yall were smart and made him sleep in his crib most of his life so far, he isnt used to the open-ness (thats not even a word!) and could hurt himself trying to get out... maybe a little longer in the crib, i say by age 2- 2 1/2 is good for toddler beds (thats when andrew's nephew starting sleeping in his, however he slept in the parents bed since he was born, no crib action for that kid! haha)

    love all three of you!