Friday, November 19, 2010

Night 2

I am one happy Mommy! Zach got to see Aunt Emmy last night at 6:30 - just in time to get all riled up before bed :) I worked all day yesterday and Zach took a 2 hour and 40 minute nap at Michael Finn's house! Woohoo! He has struggled with long naps at places other than our house but he is finally getting used to sleeping in Finn's little travel bed (which my mom got us for Christmas!!) I had to wake Finn up at 3:45 and then we went to wake Zach up. Before naptime we went to my mom's house to paint. On the way there, I turned around to see this sweetness.

They were just chillin in the car holding hands. Too cute! They had a blast painting!

Zach was in a rotten mood from the time he woke up until he saw Emmy and her friend Kate. Instant happiness ensued on him. He is such a social kid and loves new people. I think we started him off right last year at thanksgiving with David's side of the family - Zach got to love on 40+ people and loved every second. While Meredith was feeding him dinner, he decided he wanted a little growl time with Kate. He would hide his face in his highchair and then peek at Kate and growl. When she would growl back he would laugh hysterically. This continued for a long time. After they left, he finished drinking his milk and I gave him a bath. When I put him in bed he screamed and screamed. This lasted about 10 minutes and he went to sleep like a good boy! He woke up around 3 and cried for 5 minutes and went back to sleep. He cried again at 5:18 and fell back asleep. David got him up at 6:45! Normally, we would have gone in there and given him bottles and rocked him to sleep but the cry method is way quicker and better for all of us. I am so proud that he is doing this well. I thought this would be terribly more painful. This morning he is a happy boy!

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