Saturday, November 20, 2010

Night 3

We are thanking God that Zach is ok after his bedtime antics last night. I put him to bed and he threw a fit. After about 1 minute, we heard a thump and his little hands were pushing on his door. No way! I opened his door and he was standing right there. I couldn't believe it. My 17 month old just climbed out of his crib! David came in and we discussed what to do and ultimately decided he was going back in his crib. I was standing outside his door watching him on the video monitor when he started leaning over the edge. Before I could get in there, he had flipped head first out of his crib onto the floor. Scariest thing I have ever seen!!! David ran upstairs and we again discussed what to do. We decided that that was just too dangerous and that a toddler bed would be way safer at this point. So I made the crib into a toddler bed...again! I'm a pro at that now :)

So, into the bed he goes and we had decided weren't going back in his room. David and I went downstairs and Zach climbed out and went to his door crying. He tried to slide under the door which was comical. When he realized he couldn't get out and that we weren't coming in, he climbed back into the bed. We were so happy and proud...until...he went to the tall side of it and flipped himself head first into the ground again!! What?!?! Ok, now there is no question that he is doing this because it gets Mommy and Daddy in there. But when your baby falls 3 or 4 feet onto his head, you have to go check on him! At least I had to! He was fine and this time I didn't pick him up and I told him "no!" and "danger!" and "Mommy and Daddy are mad, mad, mad!" I guess he got the point after that. David couldn't have been less concerned with him falling at this point. He got the couch cushions and put them on the sides of the bed so that if he flipped out again his fall would be broken a little. I was laughing about how concerned he had been just two days ago with Zach falling from the toddler bed onto pillows. So we decided if he flipped out again we could not go in there. Luckily he climbed out safely and threw a fit at his door and then climbed back into bed, grabbed his lovey, and went to sleep. All night! As a matter of fact, he played happily in his bed from 6:30-7:15 this morning. He got up twice. The first time he walked over to the side of his bed and then ran and got back in bed. The second time, he saw his mega blocks and went to get them and climbed back in bed to play with them. I was shocked! No crying, no whining, just playing happily in his bed. What a good little boy! Although I have gray hair now and it still makes me nauseous to picture him falling out head first!

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  1. So glad you have a blog now too! I am excited to hear updates, love the posts so far! I hope the toddler bed works and Zach catches on soon that y'all are not going to come get him every time he wakes up. He's so cute though, I bet it's really hard!

  2. Crazy story! But I think he is definitely catching on!

  3. I just caught up on all of your posts from while I was gone. I LOVE how you told him "Danger and mad, mad, mad!" That is so cute. It sounds like he is really learning, which is so cool! I can't imagine how hard that must be on y'all though.