Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snow day!!!

I woke up Tuesday morning to the best site ever - SNOW! I LOVE SNOW!!! Seriously, I love snow so much. It makes me so happy! This is probably the one thing that has not lost any of its excitement since I became a grown up. haha. I usually don't have to be at work until 9 but Tuesday I needed to be there by 8. I was up early getting ready and David tried leaving for work around 6:15 but our electric gate was frozen shut! He spent the next 45 minutes dumping hot water over it. Finally, he got it open. I was so thankful he was out there doing that - it was freezing! I got to work 10 minutes early. When I walked in the door, Erin said, "Oh, I didn't think you would come in today." She was making pancakes when we got there. Zach devoured them! Cute little mickey mouse pancakes with fruit making up the face :) It's the little things like that that become so special to kids. After breakfast, I got the boys bundled up and we went outside to play in the snow! Of course, in the midst of all the snow, they managed to find some dirt to play in. Here they are looking adorable in the matching hats my mom made them!

Zach did slip and bust his lip but its already much better today. The snow turned into one giant sheet of ice. MF wanted to build a snowman but we just couldn't get the snow to cooperate. After that, we got warmed up inside, played, went back out in the snow, ate lunch, and played some more. I got MF ready for his nap around 1:30 and Erin let me go home then instead of staying until 4. Zach was completely exhausted and fell asleep in the car. He was at home in his bed by 2 and we had to wake him up at 5! And, he still went to bed at 7:45. Crazy!

There is still just as much snow today. We snuggled on the couch this morning and then ate breakfast. We played trains and put all the stuffed animals in Zach's bed. He then took them all out and put them all back in about 3 times. After that, we bundled up and went outside! Bailee was running around like a crazy wild deer. She was all riled up. The snow was easy to pick up and play with at our house so we had a snow fight and Zach tasted the snow too. I know, snow is not good for you and has toxins and acids and bad stuff but come on...every kid has to taste snow. It would just be crazy if you had never tasted it. Hmmm. Hopefully I didn't do any permanent damage letting him do that. He was so tired after that and just wanted to snuggle in the bean bag and watch Despicable Me (his new fav movie). Then, he grabbed my hand and took me downstairs and showed me that he wanted a banana so I gave him one. He then crawled back upstairs while I was making his lunch and I found him eating his banana in the bean bag. haha. Cutest thing. He ate some lunch and was just looking so tired so I put him down for his nap. He played for at least an hour and a half. I let him get up and work out with me. I got the Nike Training Club app and it is awesome. Best part about it - I can do it with Zach and while he is awake. He had a blast copying me and thought it was hilarious when I was running around the room. By 3:30, he was ready for his nap. And that's where we are at this point in the day. I love snow days.


  1. looks like so much fun. Fin fin is too young to play in the ice/snow so I am stuck in the house, boo!

  2. Jessa - I just added your blog to my blog list! Finley will be old enough soon :) She is adorable!