Tuesday, February 1, 2011

la la and a project

La la... La la... La la... Tears... La la... Screaming... La la! La la! Total meltdown... Lalalala!!!!!!

Huh? Exactly what we are thinking! Zach is so frustrated with us lately for not knowing what he wants. La la is Elmo (we think!) At least la la should mean Elmo because he sings a little song that goes something like "la la la la Elmo's song." However, three tries at Sesame Street and two Elmo DVDs later and Zach is still screaming la la in my ear. He hands me all the different TV remotes and even video game controllers. Just when I think I got it right, Zach runs to the TV, hits it, turns it off, then runs to the kitchen rug and has a very stereotypical fit. Once he calms down, we do this all over again. This happens every single morning! And sometimes several times during the day. David and I really wish we knew what it is he wants. We have tried EVERYTHING. This all started with my mom watching short movie clips from Sesame Street online with him (before this, he had never seen it). He got obsessed - to the point where of there was a computer or iPad anywhere in sight, Zach wanted it. Very badly! We went to the store and I found these Sesame Street stickers. I gave them to Zach and he just stared at them saying la la and pointing and then looking back up at me making sure I see that he is holding awesome stickers. He loves these stickers. So much.

Daddy came home to pick up some instrument sets and got to experience the coolness of these stickers first hand :)

Zach is very into helping right now. He loves helping load the refrigerator. Actually any time he gets to spend "in" the refrigerator is just perfect in his opinion. Especially when he finds the ketchup! His ketchup obsession is out of control - blueberries, bananas, turkey, crackers, cheese, carrots, chicken, salmon, french fries...these are just a few of his favs to dip in ketchup!

Anyway, Zach is finally over his morning meltdown about la la and I'm drinking some coffee and it is only 7:15am. I completely lost my voice this weekend. I did not realize how much I talk to Zach all day! Try not talking to your toddler for even one hour - it's virtually impossible!

Zach and I started the weekend off on Friday with a sweet little playdate with Valentine!

She is just the cutest! They painted, ate snacks, rode the "rollercoaster", played with lots of toys, and Zach even got some lovin when it was time to say bye bye.

This pictures makes me smile. Sweet innocence! Love it!

Saturday we took Zach to Houston's for his favorite French fries and he got to try some cheese bread that he loved too!

I just had to include these next pictures of Zach and Bailee. He just loves her so much! More than words can describe. He constantly knows where she is and cries if she goes outside to play without him. (The neighborhood kids walk and play with her just about every day). I knew Bailee was a good dog but I never knew she would be THIS great with Zach. I really love seeing them play together.

Sunday I was supposed to work at 1:30 so we just hung around the house all morning and skipped church. Once we put Zach down for his nap, we were ready to do something so David thought we should clean the garage. I thought it would be the perfect project for us. I was in a cleaning mood - surprise surprise! Haha. I moved everything out of the garage and swept away all the debris, then put it all back nice and organized and, most importantly, child proofed! Zach loves the garage but I hate letting him in there because there is all sorts of pesticides, weed killers, etc. and it just makes me get all twitchy to think about any of that getting near my sweet boy. So, while I was sweeping and organizing, David went up to Home Depot and got supplies for a nice high shelf to put all dangerous substances on. Zach was a really good helper! He loves tools and copying David when he is working. It makes me so happy to see them doing manly things together. So cute!

We couldn't be happier with this little shelf! We love it! So much so that we went back to Home Depot and got more wood to build another shelf just like it.

We actually love this shelf even more! 

You may think we are crazy for loving these shelves so much but they brought such a needed change to the look of the garage and best of all, they make it a safer place for Zach. When I was little, we lived in our garage. We had birthday parties in there, put on shows, painted, and who knows what else. My mom would actually mop the garage floor! I want the same memories for Zach - although I haven't figured out the mopping thing yet. But when it's too cold or rainy outside, what better place to let off a little energy and do some outdoor things like play with the water table, ride his scooter, play with chalk, throw the football and basketball, run around, and be rowdy! We love our garage so much now that last night, after we put Zach to bed, we went back out there and admired it some more :)

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