Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Zach's first haircut!

Apparently not everyone wants to make a HUGE deal out of the first haircut but for some reason I did. My mom informed me the other day that her and my dad made a big deal about first haircuts with all of us so maybe that's why. Not a hair on his head was going to be cut until the first haircut. David has been wanting to cut Zach's hair for the longest time. Actually, I made a deal with him this fall that we could cut it before Christmas. Come to find out, David was getting pretty sentimental about Zach's hair too because right around Christmas I suggested we take him to get his haircut and David said, "Nah." I left it at that! In the past couple weeks, I have mentioned it several times but David never could fully commit. Finally, we couldn't wait any longer - his hair was usually in his eyes. We loaded up the car and I almost forgot the camera! Halfway there I thought we should probably turn around and go get the video camera but David quickly dismissed that idea. We took him to Cool Cuts and it was such an awesome place.

Hi-fiving Daddy before the haircut! Love my boys!

Sitting in a firetruck watching a movie but not very happy.

Oh, here is some chocolate Zach! You looove chocolate!

Oh, ya Mommy, I do love chocolate!

I don't like chocolate that much though...

Or do I?

Nope. I most definately do not.

The firetruck was not a hit so now he is sitting on my lap. One last look at his sweet little curls!!

A little happier.

They brought out the bubbles. Seriously, this place brought out all the stops!

Yay! Bubbles!!


Finally done!

Big boy haircut (straight from the 80's).

Homeira. She did a great job on a screaming, crying, flailing baby :)

Zach and Daddy at home after the haircut. All smiles :)

Saying, "Cheeeeeeeese!"

We saved a couple curls for his baby book and Cool Cuts gave us a little certificate too. David did a great job taking pictures. Thank you, David! He kept giving me the "you are seriously weird" look when I would remind him to keep taking pictures (while blowing bubbles for Zach). Haha! Maybe I am weird. So, after looking at his hair all day yesterday, I just couldn't take it anymore. I had to fix it. It was SO short in the back. It is actually a bit shorter than his hairline. And, it was still really long in the front. I like to call it the reverse mullet.

David pulled into the garage yesterday afternoon and I was chasing Zach around with the scissors. The first thing I said to David was something along the lines of "you gotta help me, this is just driving me crazy." The first thing David said to me was something along the lines of "please just don't." He went in the office to do some work and I realized I was going to have to do this alone so I grabbed two lollipops and turned on The Fresh Beat Band and put Zach in his highchair. That worked wonders. I started cutting...and cutting...and cutting. I probably cut his hair for at least 30 minutes and cut every inch of it except for the very back. While I was doing this I kept reminding myself that I've been known to do some damage with hair. Yoshi, my shih tzu, was always needing grooming and we were always trying to save money so I would always try and cut his hair myself. He usually ended up really short or really uneven. A couple of times, David just got out the clippers and shaved him. So you would think I would have learned my lesson...but I did not. At times, I was really impressed with my techniques and would think to myself, "I got this. I'll never pay for a haircut again." Other times I would think, "Maybe we should just shave his head" (like my neighbors have been suggesting ever since he turned one). My time was up when the lollipops were gone and I couldn't help but laugh. He looked like Lloyd Christmas on Dumb and Dumber.

I told him to go show his Daddy and he ran into the office as proud as can be. I'm pretty sure David looked at me and said, "why did you do that?" I couldn't stop laughing (maybe to keep from crying). My sweet baby boy suddenly has turned into a big kid. Luckily, I had to go to work that night or I probably would have ended up shaving his head. When he woke up this morning, his hair actually looked kind of cute. Not the look I was going for really but pretty cute.

(notice the blue mouth from the lollipops! And he uses his feet for everything so naturally, he was trying to hold an apple slice with his foot in this picture ha!)

I was curious to see what my mom would think about his haircut. She doesn't hold anything back. We went to MF's house this morning and played for a couple hours and then went over to my mom's house because Grandma and Papa were coming in town to see us today! As soon as my mom saw Zach, she thought he looked adorable! YAY! Maybe I won't ever have to pay for a haircut again. It was so much fun to see Grandma and Papa today. They have never met MF and they thought it was fun to see the boys play together. Grandma said that it's just like Zach having a brother and it really is. They love each other and fight with each other. They wrestle and get into mischief together. It really is so cute. Zach cries his little eyes out everytime we have to go home and leave MF. How sweet! And what a blessing that I found a job that my kid LOVES.

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  1. This story sounds so familiar! Once that first haircut happens they start to look like big boys! Jack still hates haircuts, so I've only taken him to Cool Cuts once so they won't call the waaambulance! We do his haircuts in front of cartoons and go straight to the bath afterwards. "Mommy, it's itching me." Haha. What a cute little family you guys have!