Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting motivated

I have been less than motivated to do anything that actually needs doing lately. I am in desperate need to get the pictures off my cameras, update Zach's baby book, blog more, figure out iLife... The list goes on. I guess the problem is that I don't have an enormous amount of free time. If I'm at home, I'm either playing with Zach or doing house things like dishes, laundry, and vacuuming. I literally vacuum 3 times a week and that is barely enough to keep things Bailee free. Haha. Bailee is our lab and Zach's best friend!

If I'm not at home, I am at work and if I'm not at work then there are only a handful of other places I might be. I'd prefer to be at the Wiegand house! My good friend, Casey Wiegand, went to high school with me and we have some really great memories! We were lucky enough to reconnect in Dallas after we both got married (a week apart!) and were pregnant with our boys at the same time. She has added a new addition, Ainsleigh, to her family and I just love that sweet little girl and her big brother, Aiden! I seriously just love this family to pieces! The best thing about Casey is that I can really trust her with serious stuff and we can be real with each other about our struggles and hardships. I admire Casey's ability to do so many things great. She is an incredible artist and art teacher, she has the best personal style of anyone I've ever met, she is an incredible mother and wife, but most importantly, she is a Godly woman. I look up to her. Her faith and relationship with God shines through and I truly believe that being around her makes me a better person. Her blog link is to the right of this entry fyi. Here are some sweet pics with her kiddos.

Aiden and Zach being mischievous!

Zach being so loving and gentle with sweet baby Ainsleigh. He has a baby doll at my mom's house that he really likes giving bottles and pacis to. I think it's just the sweetest thing.

Aiden and I are buddies too! He likes to grab my hand and walk around outside with me. It is so fun watching the boys grow up together. And don't think we aren't already planning a wedding for Zach and Ainsleigh. Haha!

I recently started reading Sacred Marriage and I cannot emphasize enough how amazing this book is. It speaks volumes to me everytime I open it. I gave a copy to Casey and now we are discussing it together which is fun. I also recommended it to another friend, Chelsea, and she may read it with her bible study group. My words cannot convey the crucial message of this book but I will try to sum it up. Basically, our ideas about marriage are skewed. Our world places a lot of importance on our happiness here on Earth and our society basically tells us that if we aren't completely satisfied we should look elsewhere. What a sad message. It is through our marriage that we will grow closer to God. No human can ever fill the void we have in our hearts. On Earth, something will always be missing. Only God can satisfy our every need. This is just a little bit of what this book talks about. I recommend it to everyone. If you get a chance to read this book, you will better yourself and your relationship with God. This blog entry is what was on my heart today. Thanks for listening!


  1. Loved reading your blog as I lay in bed with 4 less teeth... lol love you

  2. Your blog just brought me to tears! You are soooo right about our society and marriage... how everything has changed and is so skewed. Thanks for giving me a reminder for the day! Love you cute Liz! xoxo Annie

  3. ur the sweetest ever, i adore u bestie

  4. Liz.... can't how much this blog touch my heart! I could go on and on but I will just leave it at that! Love you! Thanks for sharing!