Thursday, January 6, 2011

Potty training...

...scares me! I helped potty train Gage and it wasn't so bad for two reasons - he's not my kid and it wasn't at my house. He had the expected accidents but basically in the two plus years I was his nanny, he only had two poopy accidents. Once he had an accident at the gym and the other time he straight up pooped on the floor next to the toilet because for some reason he was having a major aversion to the toilet that day. All in all, I didn't think it was that bad potty training him. For some reason, potty training Zach really intimidates me. He's not ready yet by any means but I wanted to get him used to the idea of it so I bought a little potty for our house and a couple of potty seats.

I've sat him on both those things many times but he has never gone. He sat on his little potty and then stood up and peed next to it but that's as close as we've gotten. He always watches MF (the 3 year old I'm a nanny for) go potty and today MF peed in his little potty and we made a big deal out of it and clapped and cheered for him to get Zach interested. MF was completely amused since I don't normally make a big deal out of it. Zach loved all the commotion too and was clapping and dancing/jumping. Zach then went and sat on the stool like he was going to the bathroom but his diaper was still on and we were all in the bathroom because MF was sitting on the toilet going poop. So I thought Zach may as well try sitting on the little potty at the same time. I stripped him down and he sat there like he was actually going to pee this time but no. He got up and ran around the bathroom and I was thinking I should put a diaper on him soon if he wasn't going to be sitting on the potty. Right as that thought crossed my mind, MF needed wiping. Once MF was done and dressed, I realized Zach had just pooped all over MF's room!!! Oh dear Lord, tell me this did not just happen... He apparently pooped as he was walking across the room, stepped in it, and then did most of his business in the back corner next to the books. It was all over him! It took me a million baby wipes and several sanitizing wipes to get him cleaned up and then I had to clean the floors. Disgusting! MF was potty trained with the 3 day potty training method. Gage was potty trained more traditionally - I think...I didn't know much about what I was doing. Either way (or a different way) I am dreading potty training Zach. I can handle pee but poop in the house and on my baby is just not something I will ever be ready for!

We'll see where the road takes us! Haha! Couldn't help myself :)

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  1. That is so funny! I can totally imagine Zach doing that! Potty training is a chore and a disgusting one at that.. its worse than cleaning toilets! (and to me, that's disgusting!) Good luck when the time comes. I cant wait to hear all the stories that come of it! :-)

    Love you!