Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today Zach and I went to Chelsea's kindergarten class! It was so much fun, as always. Zach had a blast! He cried at first because he thought I was going to leave him there and make him practice his math skills. We took her class some caterpillars that are going to turn into butterflies! They were all so excited and so cute (the kids, not the caterpillars).

I read them The Very Hungry Caterpillar, of course!

Then, they all got some mini cupcakes so they could fatten up and turn into butterflies themselves...I mean, get a sugar high! Zach insisted on having a seat at their tables to eat his cupcakes (which he really just licked and threw on the floor).

We walked with them upstairs to use the bathrooms up there. What an adventure that was! Trying to get 22 kids through the school, up the stairs, and to the bathrooms is quite the ordeal. They get so distracted and completely forget what they are supposed to be doing. Zach fit right in!

He even pretended to wait in the boys line to use the bathroom. And I did have to run in there and get him and all the boys gave me really weird looks.

He had a few helpers!

And he did some helping too.

Kindergarten is hard work!

Zach fell asleep in the car and slept for a good 3 hours.

He was still sleeping when I left to go to work tonight. We are going to go back when the caterpillars turn into butterflies. How fun. Chelsea is such a great teacher!! She does all kinds of really fun things with the kids and I am always thrilled to see what new tricks they have learned :) They sang me an insect song and the grand ole flag song today. And Chelsea will say things like, "class, class" and they all stop talking and respond, "yes, yes' and then listen! Amazing. Think Zach can learn that one? Chelsea, I'll send him to your house for the weekend when he learns to talk so you can teach him some of these skills. Not even joking.


  1. I love reading your blogs! especially the ones about kindergarten! How fun! ;-) Zach fits right in!

  2. You are such a good friend, and I am really blessed to have you in my life. At bible study on Wed. we were talking about generosity and giving, and I just thought of you. You are so sweet to me and my class. They just love you guys!