Tuesday, May 10, 2011

pickin blackberries

We went down to the lake this weekend and had a really good time! Zach just loooves his grandma Curly (and his Nana, too!). Actually, he's really really sweet to everyone. He is definately a lover.

He thought it was really fun to sit on the sea doo lift. He also bossed around his great uncle Scott and aunt Tina and made them sit there with him! Wish I had gotten a picture of that. It was really fun getting to see Scott and Tina and catch up. Scott is an avid reader of my blog and that makes me happy. Hi Scott! :)

Zach loves playing on the boat! He hates his lifejacket though. So mostly we just sit at the dock and play in the parked boat. Ha!

I decided we need a swingset or playground or something along those lines in our backyard. The discussion is always "that's so expensive" and "the park is free." But oh how I dream of the day we can walk out the back door and enjoy our backyard! As of now, David is working hard on getting grass to grow. He does such a great job with our yard. He basically knows everything about yards. I am so proud of all his hard work! Even if he does track mud inside and leave the garage door open while he mows and gets grass everywhere :) Anyway, the point is.... As we were driving around exploring the neighbor's land, I realized that all Zach needs is a deer blind! Put a sandbox under it and attach a steering wheel up top and ta-da!

This is us in the deer blind!! Why was no one else as excited about this revelation as I was? Psssha, they must have thought I wasn't serious. Just wait, we will rock a deer blind soon! I hope...

Tractor time! No one in my family knows how to work this beauty but she sure is fun to play on! This tractor is fully air conditioned! What?!

Zach and Curly "swinging" on the gate.

David found some wild blackberry bushes and shoved some in our sweet baby's mouth before I realized what was going on. I was slightly concerned. You just never know... So David and Curly ate some too so Zach wasn't the only one. Now we know, they are perfectly fine to eat and we can't wait until they really start blooming or whatever. How fun!

David is a great fisherman. He basically catches a fish every cast. It's incredible to watch. Zach, however, did not like the fish anywhere near him. Haha!

Handsome husband.

And the very best moment of the weekend was when Zach gave Grandma the sweetest snuggles ever! This just almost made me cry. I love my Grandma so much and to see him love on her just makes me so happy!! I used to have Grandma's number on speed dial when I was little and everytime I would get sent to my room, I would call her. Ten minutes later, she was at my house and I got out of trouble! Genius! I'm sure my mom was thoroughly annoyed. Haha.

One more random picture of Zach playing in the fountain after dinner the other night.

I was there with my pregnant friend and I'm not sure what she thought about him practically swimming in the fountain. I told her that he is most happy when he's doing things he thinks he shouldn't be doing. So naturally, I let him do it and it's worth every second of his happiness.


  1. Great pictures! Mary Alice is a lucky great Grandma.
    Kathy Miller

  2. oh your little family is so so cute!!!