Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dear Zach

Happy 2nd birthday buddy! I can't believe you are so big already! Daddy and I are so proud of who you are. We have loved having the privilege of watching you grow and learn over the past two years and guiding you along the way. God has big plans for you and we cannot wait to see how your life unfolds. You are just the sweetest little boy - always snuggling, kissing, and hugging us. My favorite time of day with you is first thing in the morning when we snuggle up on the couch and you drink your bottle. I never knew I could love the way I love you!

Daddy's favorite thing right now is playing with you. He takes you outside to see your friends in the neighborhood and gets your playdoh out for you. He tickles you and snuggles with you. He loves seeing you play at the lake and can't wait to teach you how to ski and fish!

You really love animals. All animals. But especially your best buddy, Bailee.

Whenever you see Bailee, you say her name and run to wrap your little arms around her neck. You really think she is a horse and a lot of times, you say "neigh" and ask us if you can ride on her back. You LOVE doing that! It's hard work for us to hold you on her back while she runs around the living room but the look on your face is worth it. You recently have started bossing Bailee around, telling her not to eat your snacks or to go to her kennel. You tell her come, stay, and no. It is a really special thing to see the love you have for Bailee.

You have started talking more too. Today, Daddy and I watched you on your monitor after your nap just talking away. Saying all sorts of things. Just kicking your feet around in your bed, talking to weavey and teddy, making up stories. It was a special moment for me and Daddy to watch together. Then, we both got to go get you up from your nap together. That was really special too. You gave me big hugs and Daddy tickled you a lot and made you laugh until you couldn't breathe. You call him "Daddy Monner" when you want him to tickle you. You say things like "it's cold", "i want that", "its mine", "I love you", "swing", and much more.

You love your stuffed animals/dolls right now. Pippi, her horse, and her monkey are some favorites. Teddy, weavey, lala, and dog also. You really love your "baby" right now. Your "baby" is those wooden dolls that stack inside each other. You take them everywhere and even sleep with them. You got a new Toy Story lunchbox today and the first thing you did was get your baby and put it inside. You carried it around all day saying "my box" and "baby".

You love Michael Finn and call him LeeLee. You ask about him everyday. When we go to his house, you scream with excitement when we turn onto his street. You love babies, especially baby Ainsleigh. We know you are going to be the best big brother some day. God has already prepared your heart for that and it is so neat for us to see. We love you more than words, Zach! Happy birthday big boy!!!

Mommy and Daddy


  1. Thanks for making me cry first thing in the morning. What a beautiful post!! I can't wait to experience that kind of love in a few months :)

  2. Liz, that is the sweetest message ever. Zach is going to love to be able to read that when he is older. You are such a wonderful mom. Zach is so lucky. I love you!