Wednesday, June 29, 2011

potty training in 3 days

Potty training in just 3 short days? I wasn't sure so either. Actually, the 3 Day Potty Training (by Lora Jensen) sounded completely insane the first time I read about it. But then, I realized that Erin used it for MF and my cousin, O.E., used it for Brooks. (By the way, check out O.E.'s adorable blog, Girl Meets Baby!) Both of them have had really great success with it and out of all their friends, have had the least amount of problems. Plus, they both have boys. They both gave me suggestions and told me how they did it. So, yesterday, Zach started potty training. It. Was. Exhausting.

Zach woke up and drank some milk while we snuggled in bed together. Then, I took him to his room and showed him his new big boy underwear. I told him how big he is now and how great being a big boy would be. He put up a bit of a fight but I just took him downstairs to play and he got over it. I repeatedly asked him all day long, "Tell Mommy if you need to go potty, K?" I spent the whole morning cleaning up accidents and whisking him away to the potty. Nothing. I put a pull-up on him for nap time (not consistent with the method but O.E. brought up some good points and I decided to hold off on night time training). I was completely worn out.

He woke up and I put underwear back on him. He had a couple accidents and then finally made it in time to pee in the potty! YAY!!! I was so encouraged and excited at this time! He looked kinda shocked but definately proud and happy about his accomplishment. He got to grab as many M&Ms as he could hold. After that time, he made it to the potty 2 more times.

Then, David was putting him to bed and told Zach, "Tell Daddy if you need to go potty, K?" Zach's usual response to this question is, "K!" But this time, Zach said, "yah, poo." (He calls it all poo) David took him to the potty and Zach proudly peed for his Daddy. It was a really special moment for them. I was sorta spying so I heard a lot of that and I was so proud and happy. David was really excited and I'm glad they had that moment together.


  1. That last picture may be my favorite ever. Love that sweet little tummy!

  2. Wow! That sounds pretty cool! I hope he is GTG now and you'll have no more potty training worries.