Thursday, July 28, 2011

happy birthday David/Daddy

July 26th was David's birthday! We had the best time celebrating with him. Zach and I started the day out making cupcakes.

Zach loved helping!! He repeatedly said "Cake! Cake? Cake!!" ha! The night before his birthday, I asked David if he wanted a cake or cupcakes and Zach heard the word cake and wanted it right then! Total meltdown over cake.

He was so excited to wake up and make cake for his Daddy's happy day!

David and his new junior rep, Daniel, came by the house after we made the cupcakes so we got to sing happy birthday and eat cupcakes with David that morning.

After that, Zach and I went to work and he refused to take a nap. I got off at 3 so by 2, when he still wasn't sleeping, I got him up and just hoped he would fall asleep on the ride home.

He did! And he slept until 5:30! That meant we got to have a nice birthday dinner with a very happy toddler. He packed up his toys in his lunchbox and walked into the restaurant like he owned the place.

Zach was so good! We got a bottle of wine, crab cakes, clam chowder, peach salad, and entrees. That's a long dinner for a 2 year old. At the very end, we let Zach watch a movie on the iPad. We've never done that before but for a special long dinner, it was perfect!

Check out this amazing dessert they brought us!

Wow. It was such a great day with the most special person in our lives.

David (Daddy), we love you so much! We are proud of your hard work, your strong leadership, your determination, and your commitment to God and to our family.

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  1. That restaurant looks really cool- loving the dessert!! I can't get over Zach walking in with his little lunch box ha! At first when I read this post I thought you were saying it was David's 26th birthday (duh) I was so confused!!