Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the lake

Chillin at the lake this past weekend...
Zach and I ate way too many ice cream treats but oh have you tried the Oreo Klondike bars? Go to the store and get some. They come like 8 to a pack. Buy a pack, then throw away 7 of them and eat the eighth one. Ya. Otherwise you will eat all eight.

So...moving on... David loves to go fishing. Like wakes up at 4am to be there early. I really wanted to spend some quality time with him this weekend so I left Zach with my parents and headed out to the pond. Giant pond. Anyway, it was beautiful that early in the morning.

That was taken with my iPhone. Imagine the beauty in real life or with a really good camera. Just beautiful. I'm not sure how you can look at something like that and not believe in God.

David was suprised and really happy to see me.

I must say, I had the best time fishing with him. I wish it could have lasted all day. I just loved that quiet, special time with him. And, I caught some fish! It was really fun.


  1. what a great time with your hub :). and you should NOT have told me about those Klondike bars! haha

  2. Yeah... Those bars look yummy... Especially in this ridiculous heat!

  3. Oreo klondike...YUM
    fishing with the hubz...you go girl!