Saturday, July 16, 2011

potty update

Zach has been using the potty now for about 3 weeks. He's doing great.

I expect one accident a day, which could be avoided if I never got distracted. Obviously I have other things to do that take my focus off of potty training. Like my 2 jobs, for instance. Or making dinner. Or writing this blog.

After his nap the other day, I was trying to get his underwear on and he was being extra silly so I stuck it on his head.

He laughed and laughed about this, which made me laugh too. We had a lot of fun playing underwear head. Haha!

I've been skimping on his drinks though, especially in the car. But the other day, we drove through sonic and then through the car wash.

By the time we got home, his drink was empty! He made it accident free and I was so proud.

He loves "coke" these days. Anything with carbonation is coke to him. He cringes and smiles at the same time and then takes another sip. I just laugh and laugh the it "hurts so good."


  1. Those underwear head pictures seriously made my heart long for Logan to be here. I LOVE LITTLE BOYS!!!!! He is so, so cute Liz. That's funny about the "coke."