Saturday, July 16, 2011

make believe

Zach has been really into make believe play lately.

It's really sweet to see him be so loving and gentle to his toys. He told me that Buzz and Woody are saying hi to each other in this picture.

Since the ongoing favorite movie at our house is Toy Story, I can't help but think how pleased his toys must be with him :)! Ha!!

Yes...that's a My Little Pony that David's little sister, Denali, picked out for him.

He loves that pony so much that he even gives the pony a shower at night. Sweetness. David just rolls his eyes...he thinks I picked the pony out. Maybe I suggested it but Denali had the final say and Zach couldn't be happier with it.

Here are Zach and Denali at the dinosaur exhibit. Zach loooves Denali.

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