Tuesday, August 21, 2012

dermatologist, school, and a road trip

Yesterday, we went to the pediatric dermatologist at Children's.

They had us put a gown on Mark so I snapped a quick pic.

Turns out, they aren't 100% sure that Mark had ringworm after all. When the dermatology department initially saw a picture of Mark's chest, texted from the OR, they thought it was fungal, judging by sight. So, they went down there and did a skin scrape.

Using a microscope, it wasn't looking fungal but they cancelled the surgery to be safe. They then grew a culture. Turns out, the culture never grew anything. So, by the book, it doesn't seem to be fungal. By sight, it did, and using an anti fungal cream has helped tremendously.

Nummular eczema presents much like ringworm. It could just be that. But would anti fungal cream clear up eczema like this? We don't know.

I felt frustrated yesterday because I felt like we were under the impression that Mark did have a fungal infection. David heard "might be fungal" and I heard "the scrape showed it was fungal". Whatever the case, that's frustrating. But it's better to treat as fungal to be safe and wait for clear skin to proceed with surgery.

In other news...

Zach is starting preschool this year! We are all so excited and I know he will just love it. He is very ready for this! He gets to meet his teacher this week too - she's coming to our house!

We won't send him until a few weeks after Mark's surgery though. Bad timing with that but starting in October isn't a big deal and he won't even know what he's missed.

He has been practicing already, too!

Also, David and Zach got to take their first road trip together this weekend! They went to Beaumont to celebrate Paw Paw's 90th birthday and had a great time together.


  1. Hope Z man loves preschool!! I can't believe he's so big. We'll keep saying prayers for little Mark.

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