Thursday, October 11, 2012


Zach is loving school!

Yesterday was his first parent teacher conference.

His teacher said he is a joy to have in class and is very verbal. He asks very good questions and is very eager to learn. He is excited when new concepts are introduced and excited to try new things. He is good at exploring his environment. He isn't too interested in the other kids, but if they enter his space, he plays well with them. When his teachers talk, he is very attentive and interested in anything they say. He is hesitant about music class and has cried a couple times. He said he's scared of the music teacher. Not sure why. But, he sits in his regular teacher's lap and eagerly participates. He goes to school on Tuesday and Friday from 9-12. His teacher suggested I add the stay and play option one of the days. He will get to eat lunch, have another hour of centers, and go to the playground again. So we are going to let him stay on Tuesdays until 2 and he is pretty excited about it. He seems so grown up going to school and I'm so proud of him for adjusting so well. He hangs up his backpack and runs into his class so if I want a hug or even to say bye, I have to be quick!

I'm excited for him to have these new experiences and to have something of his own. I have noticed a positive shift in his attitude since he has started school too.

Mark, however, really hates when Zach isn't around. It's so sweet.

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  1. So sweet. I love this pic of you guys walking together. What a great kid. Love you guys!