Friday, December 21, 2012

brotherly love

Mark is obsessed with Zach! His big brother is the greatest thing in his world and it melts my heart to see the unconditional love. A true model of God's love for us.

Zach is in love with Mark too. Most of the time. As a 3.5 year old, there is definately a mischievous streak but its all in good fun.

He's not particularly into sharing his toys with Mark since they all end up with baby slobber on them but otherwise Mark is one of the greatest gifts Zach will ever receive.

And that is fitting this time of year because Mark is repeatedly baby Jesus when we act out the Christmas story. He sometimes is a sheep (but that's not relevant here).

There is no greater gift than the gift of salvation. We all need a savior. This world is full of so much hurt, pain, sadness... It's too much without God. With God, we can endure all things.

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