Monday, January 7, 2013

cotton bowl

David and I went to the Cotton Bowl this past weekend to see A&M beat OU!!!

I dressed the boys in their Aggie gear complete with face stickers and sent pictures to David to pump him up (like he needed any pumping up ha!).

I dropped the boys at my parents house and they were so excited.

David and I had such a fun time together! It was nice to get to spend the afternoon tailgating and just being together. And of course an awesome win by the Aggies really topped it off.

Zach had a really fun Saturday morning with Andydaddy! Donuts and the toy store...a 3 year olds dream!

David and I slept in and went to see This is 40. It was a great movie and so fun to get a suprise date day together when my parents offered to watch the boys a little longer for us.

Zach was so exhausted from all the fun, he fell asleep while drinking his juice box! Haha!

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  1. That picture is so funny! I think someone messed up when they coined the phrase "sleeping like a baby". Kids sleep way harder!