Thursday, July 7, 2011

favorite quotes lately

This has been a very sad and hard week for me. I've felt such sadness and a bit of anger and some regret. But mostly, extreme sadness. I can't bring myself to even write about it yet but my dog, Yoshi, was put down. I'll write more about it later when the initial shock and raw emotions have worn off a little.

Until then, here are some of my favorite quotes lately. I don't know sources, but the ones about marriage and forgiveness are from the book, Sacred Marriage. I've talked about this book before and would recommend it to anyone at any point in their life. Here are the quotes...

"It's not the situation that kills you, it's how you react to it."

"Sin will lead to self destruction if we allow it to. The same sin that confronts two different men can lead to a greater understanding and therefore to greater maturity and growth, at the same time that it leads another man into a cycle of denial, deception, and spiritual destruction."

"Forgiveness... is so unnatural that it takes practice to perfect."

"The people you decide to marry will eventually hurt you...making forgiveness an essential spiritual discipline."

"wrestle with and win some victories over our own demons that make offering forgiveness so difficult"

"forgiveness doesn't and it doesn't remove the pain"

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  1. oh my heart breaks for the loss of your puppy. i'm so so sorry. :(

    those quotes are pure gold...thank you for sharing!! i've realized that true real forgiveness is such a struggle for me.

  2. LIZ! I didn't hear about Yoshi! I'm so sorry for your loss. He was a great dog! As long as you didn't give him the attention first, he always liked to make the first move ;-) I know he will be deeply missed! Love you!