Thursday, July 7, 2011

tie dye with the kids

There are 4 girls next door and across the street from who have been ringing my door bell every day for the past two and a half years. We moved into our house when I was pregnant and they fell in love with our dog, Bailee (pictured in my header with Zach). Once Zach was old enough to interact, they started wanting to play with him too. Now that Zach has started talking more, it is apparent just how special these girls have become to our family.

Most days, Zach wakes up saying Addy (his made up name for Helen) and cries when I tell him she's sleeping still. He looks out the window and asks to see "the kids" as he calls them. Of anyone comes to our door, he runs as fast as he can yelling "kids, kids." He cries and cries if it's not the girls.

It is really just the sweetest thing that he loves them so much. The funny thing is, there are lots of kids in our neighborhood that are Zach's age but he just wants these four girls. They are between 6th and 9th grade!

They watch Bailee for us when we leave town and we have decided to let Helen start babysitting him soon. They love Zach's tie dye tshirts and have been asking a million questions about how to tie dye. I decided to buy some dye and help them make their own shirts! The pictures are terrible quality but here are the girls (plus 2 cousins who were in town visiting).

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  1. how sweet of you to do that with them. when i was little all the older neighborhood kids would hangout at our house because my mom was so cool. love it!